STAT. 202 (01) STATISTICS (2-2-3)

Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Fetih YILDIRIM

Office : PB06  e-mail:

Class Hours: Tue. 09:20- 10:20  P 101 and  Rec. Hours:  Wed. 11:20- 12:20 P101

Office Hours:Thurs. 14.30-15.30 or by appointment

Text Book: Prem S. Mann (1995): “Statistics for Business and Economics”, John Wiley and Sons, New York.

Reference Book: Agresti and Finlay (2009): "Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, 4/E", Pearson, London.

Grading Policy: 2 Midterm exams each with 25 % and Final exam 50%

Attendance :  70% attendance is required

Course Schedule

Week 1: Breif Review

Week2: Sampling Distribution

Week3: Continued

Week4: Point and Interval Estimation

Week5: Continued

Week6: Essentials of Hypothesis Testing, Error Types, Sinificance Level, P-Value, Power Function, etc.

Week 7: Testing Simple Hypothesis

Week 8: Cotinued

Week 9:  Testing Composite Hypothesis

Week 10: Uses of Student t distributions in Hypothesis Testing Problems

Week 11: Uses of Chi-Square distributions in Hypothesis Testing Problems

Week 12: Uses of F -distribution in Hypothesis Testing Problems

Week  13: Introduction to the Analysis of Variance (one, and two-wayANOVA)

Week 10: Continued

Week 11: Simple Regression and Correlation Analysis

Week 12: Continued

Week 13:Multiple Regression Analysis

Week 14: Continued.